This association unites LGBT+ students, staff, alumni, and their supporters. The group became official during the Autumn months of 2018, but has unofficially functioned since 2015.

The University LGBT+ Group is an independent, voluntary, non-profit organization that aims to:

  • Foster the culture of respect for people and their views, promote the protection of human rights as well as tolerance towards the members of the LGBT+ community, and encourage the integration of minorities
  • Unite the LGBT+ people of VU and the supporters of the organization for joint action, strengthen mutual cooperation and assistance, promote international and national cooperation, organization and initiative
  • Encourage the overall integration of the VU community and promote the equality of all members

These objectives are to be reached through:

  • Educational activities. This includes publishing articles, organizing seminars, meetings, discussions and other events open to the whole VU community,as well as spreading awareness about emotional and psychological support opportunities for LGBT+ students and staff members.
  • Representation. This includes increasing the visibility of the LGBT+ members, and initiating problem solving together with VU.
  • Promotion of the community spirit. This includes bringing together the LGBT+ members and their supporters, thus fostering the community spirit.